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frequently asked questions 

Why should I choose Divine Legal Practice?

We will empower you to proceed and or progress your matter in a positive light whatever the root cause or background of the matter.  We will reassure you that with honesty and integrity you can have a successful application or appeal.  A ‘no’ is only a ‘no’ if you accept it as such!


What would be done to process my application?

We will confirm your instructions following our advice.

We will work as a team to select the advised option suitable to your circumstances

We will request supporting documents from you, which we would consider and collate the relevant documents to make representations based on your application type

We will complete the appropriate application form; at that time, we would call you to clarify any issues that seem unclear or where further information is required

We will draft a letter of representation in support of your application; giving reasons as to why your application should be successful


How will I know what is going on?

We will keep you feeling confident of our process, and keep you informed during the process of your application by telephone and in writing.


What about appeals?

Together we will go through the refusal documentation to understand why the application was refused or an appeal dismissed (whatever the case may be).

We will advise you on the merits of any appeal or steps to move forward

We will draft grounds of appeal, complete the required form(s) and instruct Counsel if necessary; keeping you informed

We will prepare an appeal bundle based on documentation produced in the application or appeal so far as is necessary

We will inform you of any expert’s fees (e.g. Counsel, Medical Practitioner, Social Worker etc) and obtain your agreement before we proceed with such expert

We will guide and support you on this part of your journey to attain your goal your desired outcome, within the ambit of the law.


What should YOU do as a client?

Give honest and full instructions

Respond timely to letters or telephone calls

Do not give up, be positive!


What do you love most about your job?

We can make people happy allowing for a positive impact in the life of a person or an organisation, enabling attainment of goals and dreams in relation to Immigration, Asylum and Nationality matters. 

We love to celebrate achievements; a successful application, a successful appeal; once the client is happy we are happy, meaning the client’s freedom to do something is not restricted, enabling compliance within the usual laws and rules of the society and organisation  related to our circumstance; respecting rights of others, allowing for freedom to live and work.


Furthermore, as for mediation services we love resolution of conflicts in the civil and commercial world to help avoid time wasting and money consuming litigation, consequently we help you save time and money, in addition, business, neighbourly, and general relationships.


Can you provide your services online or remotely?

Yes! we can provide services via Telephone, Zoom, Skype; once an appointment is scheduled by making contact by telephone, email or on the website.

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