"Knowledgeable, efficient and proactive."

C, Watford

"Excellent and prompt service.

I would be very happy to recommend Divine Legal Practice to my friends and relatives.

I am extremely thankful and grateful to Mr Colin Jones of St John's Church, Watford

for introducing me to Mrs Bunmi Oguntunde."

Dr T, Watford

 “I would recommend friends and family along with others to use their service as they are very considerate and do their jobs really well. I am very pleased with the service.” 


  N, Southhall

 “My case was very complicated; I had doubts whether or not it could have been favourably resolved. I have been refused by other professionals and when I was recommended to DLP and met the friendly and professional team, the perception of my outlook changed. The service was professional, transparent, and very affordable. I received effective communication throughout and a very speedy result.”  


A, Leyton

 “You always treat people with respect and you are very understanding, you take time to listen to what people have to say and always give good advice”.  

S, London

 “They take extra time and carefulness to deal with matters. As a result they arrive at a pleasant/good result.  We will be happy to recommend Divine Legal Practice to others”.  


O, Harlesden